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Washington Fire Fighters 2020 Fill the Boot


COVID hit and we could not stand in the streets and ask you to fill our boots. We do this on our own time and spend hours, days, weekends doing this. The MDA organization is supported by us firefighters. 

 We have found a work around and are asking everyone in our spheres to donate a $1 (or more if you can) and SHARE our link to your social media sphere. The money we raise in the boots, go directly to helping the children in our service areas. The money buys wheel chairs, sends the kids to camps and helps with research to end this horrible disease. 

We have personally become friends with these families and children. They humble us, they enlighten us and make us better human beings. A lot of us firefighters are parents. We cant imagine watching our children's basic freedoms like walking, talking, eating and ultimately life itself being taken away. Every day, children are born into the world of ALS. We see these children, we know these children and we are honored to raise money for these children. We assure you, the money raised is making a direct difference. 

Firefighters always find a way and this is our solution to COVID. We will not give up on these kids and their families. WE are going to raise this money. We just wont be standing in intersections for 10-12 hours a day over a weekend. WE are sharing this link and asking you to help. 

We are asking everyone to put a $1 in our boot. One buck will go a long ways. If you want to donate more, cool, but a buck and SHARING our link will change the world for these kids.  Thank you for your consideration, thank you for helping us make a difference. If you know us personally, you know our passion for this organization, helping those who need us and making a difference in this crazy world.  

Kindest Regards 

Valley Professional Firefighters, IAFF #1352