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California Fire Fighters 2020 Fill the Boot


Many of you know that the IAFF has been supporting the MDA for 65 years with the Fill the Boot Campaign.   Last year one of our own, LAFD Firefighter Eric Stevens was diagnosed with the devastating illness ALS and this hit us very hard.  We were authorized to wear Red ALS Awareness T-shirts on duty for an entire month supporting Stevens Nation and ALS Awareness.  We don't have a goal of just making life easier for those with muscular disease we want to find a cure!  

IAFF Firefighters have helped raise the funds for MDA to develop medications that are helping to stop and reverse the effects of certain muscular diseases.  People diagnosed with ALS and other muscular disease are in a raise for their lives.   They need to find a cure now and that can only be done with your generous donations.

Every day, children are born with muscular dystrophy and adults are diagnosed with ALS and other life-threatening diseases that take away their most basic freedoms - like walking, talking, eating, hugging, and ultimately life itself.

Money raise from Fill the Boot also help little girls like Sarah who likes to visit our fire station to go to a summer adventure camp where she can be with other kids just like her.

Please consider making a $20 donation and help Eric Stevens and thousands of other with muscular disease.  Your donation could save Eric's life and thousands of lives in the future.  

Thank You.